Evans above, Pete it was good.

NEVER had I ever tried Paleo.

That is until the time I visited Heirloom Restaurant by Pete Evans.

It is fair to say “Paleo Pete” is a little divisive and his whole lifestyle has previously received a bad rap but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it for the first time.

I mean bone broth, activated almonds; how bad could it really be?

Well as it turns out, not that bad, delicious and pretty good for you too.

Evans, who has been working with the team at Fraser Suites Perth as part of their Heirloom Restaurant for a while, is often criticised for his clean-living lifestyle, but maybe there is something to it.

After all, working on the mantra of using fresh, seasonal produce sourced from the land and sea seems reasonable, right?

When I visited, I tried a bunch of little starters including freshly baked seed and nut loaf with cashew cheese ($10), salmon tartare with crispy nori, avocado, salmon roe and kim chi ($22) and chargrilled Fremantle octopus with chorizo and harissa ($23).

Deliciously light, they were the perfect way to start my Paleo experience.

For mains, I opted for the macadamia crusted chicken schnitzel with raw slaw and siracha mayo ($31) with sweet potato chips and chipotle mayonnaise ($8).

I like a good schnitzel and this one was considerably moist, with just the right crunch.

The macadamia crust, was a great nocarb option and in my opinion possibly even better than the breadcrumb type.

For dessert, a sample of Paleo rocky road ($14), coconut and lychee panna cotta ($13) and pumpkin pie with bacon bark ($14) finished the Paleo experience.

Normally after a three-course meal I usually walk away feeling super full and sometimes sickly, but I have to admit while this left me satisfied, I was not bursting at the seams.

For those wondering, yes there was bone broth on the menu at $10 a mug.

Surprisingly enough, it’s just stock and something used widely by chefs and cooks everywhere. Who would have thought?

So, Paleo skeptics, pop along and try Paleo Pete’s menu, it may just surprise you.

WHAT: Heirloom Restaurant by Pete Evans
WHERE: 10 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth
WHEN: Open breakfast, lunch, dinner
WEB: www.heirloomperth.com.au



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